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Welcome to the Northeast Icelandic Horse Club!

The Northeast Icelandic Horse Club is a regional club of the U.S. Icelandic Horse Congress. Our goal is to facilitate shows, clinics, trail rides, and evaluations. We have members all over the northeast, as far north as Maine and as far south as Pennsylvania, and we welcome all Icelandic horse owners, prospective owners, and enthusiasts from the region.

The NEIHC OPEN 2018 Was a Huge Success!
Many Thanks to Our Riders, Volunteers and Sponsors!

Final Results will be posted on the USIHC website!


CONGRATULATIONS To Our New Board of Directors!

Their term runs from April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2020: 

- Emily Potts: President
- Brigit Huwyler: Vice-President
- Cindy Wescott: Secretary
- Leslie Chambers: Treasurer
- Jessica Haynsworth: Youth Coordinator, Reports & Social Media
- Ebba Meehan: Promotion & Education
- Leah Greenberger: Fundraising
- Isabelle Maranda: Board Youth Representative


NEIHC Welcome Packet
Club Members: Have you just bought your first Icelandic horse? Congratulations!!!

The NEIHC Welcome Packet will help you with some important next steps for you and your horse. Email us at and we'll send you one.


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